Name Description
F2 hybrids wheat ear collection of Goncharov N.P. F2 hybrids between a near-isogenic line of the Australian common wheat cultivar Triple Dirk (Triple Dirk B) and the Chinese wheat Triticum yunnanense King ex S.L. Chen (syn. T. spelta ssp. yunnanense (King ex S.L. Chen) N.P. Gontsch.) accession KU 506. All samples included 120 plants grown in a hydroponic greenhouse under standard air humidity, temperature, and light conditions, namely, the day length of 18 h, moisture content of 65–70 %, and temperature of +20/+25°C (night/day). The Triple Dirk B plants have normal spike shape versus KU 506 with a dense spelt spikes.
Wheat ear collection of Goncharov N.P. Spike images of eight hexaploid wheat species, one artificial amphyploid. These wheat species have the spikes of contrasting shapes, which are controlled by well-studied genes. The main spike of each plant was chosen; five images of each spike were acquired in one projection using a ‘table’ protocol and four, using a ‘clip’ protocol).